A little bit about us.

In 2003, the idea was to become a reality for CEO Paul Brooman and Invictajet Virtual Airlines were born into the world of virtual Airlines.

Invictajet founder is Paul Brooman, Our CEO who have over 2000 hrs using Flight Sim 2004 (FS9), flying short to medium aircraft such as 737's to 757's, and then long haul using 777's, A330's and 747's. Our outllok in life is "If we can do it so can you", so whats stopping you, all you have to do is ask here and we can help you, we want you to ejoy your time with us and not to be scared of put off flying because you don't know how!

You will see many references to Slovakia (Slovensko) on the website and see that operate out of Bratislava, this is due to our CEO having a fiance who is Slovak, in his eyes everybody should go there and see what a fantastic country it really is!

Invictajet Virtual Airlines is based upon the Low Cost idea undertaken by such real world carriers as Ryanair, Easyjet and Wizzair and looks to operate services to “not so well known” airports within Europe and later on World airports. ie We operate to Paris but at present use Paris Beauvais LFOB, this town is not in the center of Paris we agree but it allows our pilots to fly somewhere different and if online, experience a different experience at a different airport than the usual “big airports”, but we try and accomodate the bigger airports as well.

Invictajet VA use the flight following client of VAFS, allowing our pilots to earn money as they fly and build up an extensive portfolio for their careers with Invictajet. We also accept that many of the pilots out there in the VA world are not fans of having something running like this in the background of their flightsim so Invictajet is very happy to let them fly and submit their own reports manually.

At present we have a fleet of 6 x 737-700’s, one of the youngest in the virtual world, 6 x that we currently own. Also in our hangar we used to have our Boeing 767-300ER that was have based at Vancouver on Long haul services.

We try and run the VA like it was a real airline, and hope that you can see this in how we conduct our services for you, the pilot. If you would like to join us and would like a career with Invictajet Virtual Airlines then please fill out the Application Form and we will sign you up as soon as we can so you can start your life as a Pilot of Invictajet.


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