Virtual Airline Financials Systems Pilot Client (VAFS 5)

Since we were founded in 2003 we have always looked to making our flight reporting an automated one and the day when we came across VAFS was a very good day in the life of Invictajet. We found that we could for a small price allow our pilots to have a professional flight following client that would allow their flights to be fully automated by just shutting down their engines at the gate.

As we run the virtual airline like a real airline (or try too!) then VAFS fits our needs and allows us to operate with the flight following client for our pilots flights, obtaining data that can be published on the website for all pilots to see.

Here is a list of things that VAFS can offer you, the pilot fo Invictajet Virtual Airlines......

- Complete flight following acars system
- View weather and airport information from departure and arrival airports
- Fly dispatched, booked, or any route in your schedule
- Passengers feedback for passenger flights, customer feedback for cargo flights.
- Watch in real time your flight and financial progress
- Passenger and cargo manifests
- Shows all saved and uploaded flight data
- Generates flight logs in .htm format for later viewing
- Each flight generates a pilot rating
- Several areas that are looked at for each flight to give a final rating.
- Real time flight following map
- Full pilot center with additional items that your pilots can buy which will upgrade pay, ratings, and vcredits.

Although using a flight following client is not to everybodies taste, we have decided that we can accomodate those wishing not to use VAFS by offering a "manual pirep form" so our pilots who choose to opt out can send in their pilot reports manually.

we would ask though you do try and use the system before you judge.

Download VAFS 5

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