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The virtual way to fly!


A friendly welcome from our team and support every step of the way with our Virtual Airline! We are always looking for like minded pilots who have the belief and the interests that we have here to enhance their virtual airline career.

Fly the best aircraft on offer to flight sim world with our fleet! From the big jets to small props, we have everything that you are looking for and we can promise we help you every step of the way!

At present we have five low cost hubs and a Cargo hubs offering flights for everybody!

  • London Luton
  • London Gatwick
  • Newcastle
  • Bratislava
  • Manchester
  • Cologne/Bonn (Cargo only)

Build your carear with Invictajet Virtual picking up awards, going up through the ranks and earning money as you go.

We are always looking for inspiration and understand Pilots would like input to the routes we offer so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can add to make your experience with Invictajet Virtual the best it can be!

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Latest 10 flight reports

Latest 10 Flights

Flight No. Departure ICAO Arrival ICAO Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
NV6009 LIEO EGCC   INV001 PMDG 737-800NGXu BW Invic... -380fpm
NV6008 EGCC LIEO   INV001 PMDG 737-800NGXu BW Invic... -349fpm
NV516C LIME EDDK   INV001 PMDG 777F D-MSPB Invicta... -89fpm
NV515C LLBG LIME   INV001 PMDG 777F D-MSPB Invicta... -493fpm
NV514C EDDK LLBG   INV001 PMDG 777F D-MSPB Invicta... -294fpm
NV6007 LGSA EGCC   INV001 PMDG 737-800NGXu BW Invic... -136fpm
NV6006 EGCC LGSA   INV001 PMDG 737-800NGXu BW Invic... -106fpm
INV04 OMDB EGLL   INV001 QualityWings 787-8 Invict... -165fpm
NV03 EGLL OMDB   INV001 QualityWings 787-8 Invict... -455fpm
NV6003 GCLA EGCC   INV001 PMDG 737-800NGXu BW Invic... -62fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Paul Brooman NV516C EDDK 2022-06-24 -89.00fpm 93%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  Pierre Castonguay Canada Canada LZIB 2022-02-18
  Scott Clifford Canada Canada EDFH 2022-02-11
  Jayavi Pandithage Sri Lanka Sri Lanka EGKK 2021-08-25
  Oliver Ristau Germany Germany EGGW 2021-07-26
  Calum MacDonald United Kingdom United Kingdom EGKK 2021-05-25
  Jordan Brently U.S.A U.S.A LZIB 2021-05-12
  Philip Ols Canada Canada EGKK 2021-05-11

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